Duties of the Engineer

To hold the Office of Engineer, Ohio Law requires that a person hold both an Ohio Professional Engineer's and Professional Surveyor's license. The Engineer is elected every four years by the citizens of the county.

Roads: The County Engineer's Office is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 368 miles of County roadways. This department is also responsible for county roadway signage.

Bridges: The County Engineer's Office is responsible for 361 bridges on the County and Township roadways. The county is also responsible for any culvert on a Township roadway that is 24" in diameter or larger.

Engineering and Surveying: The County Engineer provides engineering for Township roadside drainage and pavement improvements and when requested by the trustees, assists with construction of safety and roadway improvements.

Ditch Maintenance: Currently, the Engineer's Office is responsible for 359.60 miles of Ditch Maintenance. Ditch Maintenance includes open ditches, tiles and subsurface drainage.

The Engineer's Office also provides assistance to the County Commissioners, Sheriff's Office, Hardin County Townships, Schools, and Villages.

The Engineer's Office overseas the Tax Map Department.