Terms & Definitions

ADMINISTRATIVE FEES - 2% Service fee assessed to cover the cost of posting and disbursing payments. Formerly known as poundage or processing fees.

ARREARS - Past due, unpaid child support and administrative fees owed by the obligor.

CALCULATION - To compute the actual balance of your support order. This is done by determining what should have been paid per all child support orders, and then comparing that with what actually was paid by the obligor according to the records of the CSEA.

CARETAKER - A person other than the biological parents who may have assumed physical and/or legal custody of the child(ren).

CURRENT CHILD SUPPORT - The amount of money, ordered by the Court or administrative process, owed by the obligor for the support of the child(ren). This is a monthly obligation.

CSEA - Child Support Enforcement Agency

DEFAULT - When a child support obligation has fallen behind in the payment schedule equal to one month's or more current support obligation.

EMANCIPATION - Termination of the current support order, usually due to the child reaching the age of majority (18 years old) or graduating from high school, whichever is later; or until the age of 19 if the child is attending a recognized and accredited high school on a full-time basis, unless your Court order states otherwise.

INCOME WITHHOLDING (IW) - A wage garnishment sent by the CSEA to an income source of an obligor.


OBLIGEE - Any person to whom child support is owed. Also known as the PAYEE,RESIDENTIAL PARENT OR CUSTODIAL PARENT.

OBLIGOR - Any person ordered to pay child support. Also known as PAYOR OR NON-CUSTODIAL PARENT.

MEDICAL OBLIGOR - Any person ordered to carry medical insurance for the child(ren). This may be either party.

ORDER/SUPPORT ORDER - A Court document specifying any support obligations including medical coverage.

PATERNITY - Legal determination of fatherhood. Paternity must be established before child support or medical support can be ordered.


SETS - Support Enforcement Tracking System. Every case is assigned a ten digit case number in the State of Ohio SETS system that begins with "70".

TOTAL SUPPORT OBLIGATION - Total of the monthly child support obligations including payment on arrears and administrative fee.