Obligor Responsibilities (Party paying support)

  • Inform the CSEA of any changes in your or the obligee's address, phone number, and/or employment status, etc. Change of Address form
  • Pay your support through the CSEA. Do NOT make payments directly to the obligee. The CSEA is unable to give credit for direct payments. By law, direct payments are considered a gift.
  • You are responsible for paying your support obligation in full each month. If payments are not being received from an income source, you must submit payments on your own either at our office or through Ohio CSPC. If you are self-employed, you must set up a bank account for support payments to be withdrawn.
  • Inform the CSEA of any of the following reasons why an order should change, including but not limited, to the following:
    1. Emancipation of the child
    2. Death of any party (obligor, obligee or child)
    3. Permanent disability of the obligor
    4. Any party becomes incarcerated
    5. Child becomes eligible as a dependent of the obligor for income through Social Security or Veteran's Benefits
    6. The change of legal custody of the child(ren) or child(ren) no longer in the home.
  • Provide the CSEA with supporting documentation to complete the emancipation process
    1. Copy of high school diploma
    2. Withdrawal letter from school when the child reaches 18
    3. Proof of enlistment in the armed forces
    4. Court Orders showing change in legal custody or adoption of the child
    5. If home school/computer based school, provide proof it is an accredited high school
  • Enroll the child in health insurance plan if you are ordered to provide medical coverage for the child by the Court/CSEA.
  • Provide the CSEA with all copies of Court/administrative orders which may affect your support order, including but not limited to, changes in custody or support order amount.
  • Keep any and all records pertaining to your support order. If you lose/misplace the Court orders, additional copies may cost you money to obtain.
  • When the CSEA requests you provide documents, you are required to submit them by the deadline stated in the child support notice.
  • Contact the CSEA to report any problems or issues arising on your support case. (i.e. arrears paid in full or spousal support obligation to end)