Medical Insurance

The CSEA is required under Federal Law to obtain medical insurance coverage for the child(ren) on a child support order. This includes establishment of a medical insurance order and verification of enrollment by the party ordered to provide medical coverage.
Important things to remember regarding medical insurance and your court order:

  • Report any changes in your child's health insurance coverage immediately to assure accurate case charges.
  • Medical insurance is typically ordered for both parties to provide or on the party that has access to the best available policy.
  • The order may give the Medical Obligor the option of alternate insurance, such as coverage through a union or current spouse rather than their employer.
  • The National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) is issued to the medical obligor's employer to verify insurance. It is the employer's responsibility to determine if the medical insurance is available at a reasonable cost to the employee.
  • Medicaid and Healthy Start are NOT valid substitutions for Court or administrative orders for private medical insurance.
  • CSEA is unable to assist in the collection of out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred. You must contact a private attorney for assistance in the collection of any uncovered medical expenses.
  • After the medical insurance has been verified, the custodial parent will receive a Medical Insurance Letter providing all the insurance information.