License Suspension

(Includes Professional, Recreational and Drivers)
License suspension is an enforcement tool used by the CSEA when an Obligor is in Default of his/her current Support Order.

For a case to qualify for license suspension the following criteria will be considered and a pre-suspension notice will be mailed to the last known address by regular mail 10 days prior to actual license suspension
  • Case is IV-D
  • Advance Notice of Default and Potential Action has been issued
  • Less than 50% of the total monthly ordered obligation due was paid in the 90 days after default determination and preceding the pre-suspension notice
  • The Court or agency has determined the obligor has failed to comply with a warrant/subpoena issued by the court/agency with respect to proceedings to enforce a child support order

Once an obligor's license has been suspended the following criteria must be met for reinstatement:
  • Obligor is no longer in default
  • Obligor has complied with the court/agency in which a warrant/subpoena was issued
  • Obligor pays off arrearage in full
  • Obligor supplies evidence of employment or bank account and agency has confirmed same
  • Obligor supplies evidence that he/she is unable to work due to circumstances beyond their control and evidence is accepted by agency
  • Obligor complies fully with a seek work order
  • Obligor pays the balance of the total monthly obligation due for the 90 day period preceding the pre-suspension notice
  • Hardin County Child Support, P O Box 428 Kenton, OH 43326. Payments can be made in cash, check, money order or cashier's check OR
  • Mailed to Ohio Child Support Payment Central (CSPC), PO Box 182372, Columbus, OH 43218-2372.
  • All payments must include the Obligor's name, Social Security Number, SETS case number, and order number.

Once the license reinstatement criteria has been satisfied, the Obligor will be provided with a reinstatement form. The OBMV will charge a fee for reinstatement.
Call your case worker in the county your case was established with any questions.